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Eleventh Hour Rescue - Foster

Be THE difference in saving a life!


Eleventh Hour Rescue is always looking for wonderful foster homes.

Our foster program is one of our most important means of saving the lives of unwanted dogs and cats. Won't you consider joining our team by offering your home as a temporary safe haven for an unfortunate animal that is in desperate need of help!


Foster Dog Application          Foster Cat Application


Fostering is providing a temporary home for a rescue pet awaiting adoption. Many of the pets who need foster homes require extra care and attention which our kennel cannot always provide, But in a loving foster home, every pet can get the individual attention he/she needs to find a forever family.

By opening your heart and home to one of Eleventh Hour Rescue’s (“EHR”) homeless pets, you can be confident you’ve helped save a pets life. Even better, you’ve created space in our kennel to save another abandoned or abused pet.

Our foster program is designed to help the pets we’ve rescued from high-kill shelters get a second chance at finding a home — a chance they most likely would not have gotten at those shelters. Your generosity provides our rescued pets a chance to decompress, heal and grow before finding their forever homes. The Foster Program plays an integral part in the rescue’s ability to adopt out as many as 2,000 orphaned pets annually.

Fostering is a very rewarding experience. Foster pets provide companionship and purpose.

Your act of kindness is repaid in rewards that are beyond words.



Foster families should be compassionate, caring and patient and provide their foster pets with:

  • A healthy and safe indoor environment for their foster pet
  • Transportation to and from the Eleventh Hour Rescue Adoption Centers and veterinarians if needed.
  • Socialization and time to help teach pets positive family and pet relationships.
  • Lots of exercise and positive stimulation to help them develop into great pets.
  • High quality food. While it’s appreciated if fosters can provide food, Eleventh Hour Rescue can assist if necessary.



Every situation is different.  Foster commitments range from just a couple of days to several months.  Eleventh Hour Rescue's Foster Team will assist you in choosing a foster pet that best fits your lifestyle.



ALL rescue dogs greatly benefit from a foster home, but those in most need of fostering are:

  • Dogs suffering from "kennel stress" in need of a calming home environment
  • Scared or timid dogs that shut down in a kennel environment
  • Older or senior dogs that will be more comfortable in a home environment
  • Young dogs who require some structure and more socialization than available at the kennel
  • Neglected or abused dogs that need tender loving care
  • Injured dogs and/or those recovering from surgery or a medical procedure
  • Dogs with special needs
  • Abandoned mothers with litters of puppies
  • Dogs that need to be the only pet in the home

So many animals are given up for varying reasons; without the Foster Program, many of these loving pets would be euthanized.

Please help our animals by becoming the link between their old life and their new.

We supply the dogs, you supply the love!

How fostering for Eleventh Hour Rescue works

When we receive animals for rescue, our first thought is to place them into a loving foster home until a permanent home can be found.  If a foster home is not available, we have to place the animal into a kennel.  While a kennel does provide a safe place for the animal to stay until he or she can be placed, it doesn't provide the love and companionship of a foster home -- and the financial burden of housing an animal in a kennel is significant.  

If you choose to join the foster program; first, we ask you complete an application. Volunteers from EHR will review the application and conducted an interview, and we may also perform a home visit.   Foster homes are asked only to provide the animal with love and care, make sure veterinary care is supplied by one of our approved vets (EHR covers the cost), and bring the dog to adoption events.

Once your home has been approved, you will be contacted periodically and asked to foster a pet in need. Your choice! Your decision!  Once your foster pet has been adopted, you can either move right on to the next one, or take a break in between!

If you have any questions, please email: foster@ehrdogs