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Shaun Lonestar's Sponsorship Page
Shaun Lonestar

Shaun Lonestar is an adorable little 6 month old puppy! Shaun's sibling got adopted and now it's his turn!  It is important to note that Shaun is super duper smart. Like really really really smart! He has mastered "sit," and is working on "shake" and "lay down."  He would do best in an active home that potentially has another dog or a family who will give him all the exercise and stimulation he needs. Shaun loves all people, children, and other dogs; especially play time with some pup pals or play time independently by himself. He is house trained and is working on his crate training, although he doesn't do well in one for more than a few hours. He sleeps through the night and loves a good cuddle session.  He currently enjoys following his foster mother around everywhere she goes but with a dog as cute as Shaun, who could mind that?

apply to adopt SHAUN LONESTAR at www.ehrdogs.org


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