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Ash's Sponsorship Page

Ash is a kitty that will steal your heart. He is instantly affectionate to everyone he meets and loves being with you. 

Ash is happy playing with cat wands or cuddled on your lap. He is very fond of soft blankets where he will knead himself to a nice cat nap. If his foster mom is on the couch he will jump up and crawl on her chest, purring away. He is not startled by the doorbell, visitors or dogs barking however does get nervous around the vacuum. 

He is currently in foster with two dogs, a female cat, a free range bunny and birds and gets along famously with everyone, especially the cat. 

Ash has been diagnosed with renal disease that is being managed by a low phosphorous diet easily found at any pet store. He is FIV+ and has had a full dental recently. Do not let this intimate you from adding the most perfect boy into your family. Ash's foster mom is happy to answer any questions about his diet and needs.

Ash would love nothing more than to find a calm forever home! If interested in Ash please fill out an application at EHRcats.org

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