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Dallas Dash Lonestar's Sponsorship Page
Dallas Dash Lonestar

Dallas is a STUNNING 2.5 year old Heeler Shepherd mix, weighing 65lbs.  If you're looking for an exuberant exercise buddy, Dallas is the perfect dog for you! Hes got a lot of energy to burn and craves vigorous daily activity. He is a solid distance runner (right now a consistent 9.5 min/mile pace) and loves long hikes and walks. When he's not being an athlete he spends most of his day napping on his back with his feet sticking straight up in the air like a goofball and quietly playing with his toys.

Dallas gets along with other big dogs and could likely play with them for hours. He's friendly with strangers and loves getting attention from them. Hes got a high prey drive and will try to chase small dogs, cats, or wildlife.
Dallas is fully housebroken and generally doesn't pull on the leash.  He knows his basic "sit", "paw", and "lay down" commands.  Hes a good eater, fetch player, and car ride buddy. He will come over and put his head on your lap when he wants pets. Belly rubs are his favorite. Sometimes he thinks he's a lap dog and wants to lay on top of you. Hes a large snugglebug that will make your every day perfect. He is intelligent, inquisitive, and always strives to be the best boy.

To adopt Dallas, please fill out an application at EHRdogs.org

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