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Nash (Chip Lonestar)'s Sponsorship Page
Nash (Chip Lonestar)

Nash is a bouncy, happy go lucky Terrier mix. He is relatively small, only weighing about 40 pounds, making him the perfect size. Nash is super intelligent and loves playing with other dogs. Actually being homed with another dog may be great for him as he doesn't always have the best confidence in himself. Nash loves meeting people at our kennels and treats everyone like they are his long lost best friend, even greeting you with a real SMILE with his teeth! In a home environment, he does get nervous around service workers or intruders in his home but does fine with an introduction. Nash lived and grew up with children and was perfection, but we recommend older children if any now for him. Nash is way too happy and fun to be sitting in a kennel- someone come scoop this boy up!

If you would like to meet with, be sure to go to our website EHRDOGS.ORG, and submit an application. Don't forget to mention their names!!

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